2018 Sessions Program

The 2018 conference will focus on timber and engineered wood buildings both locally and globally, with sessions on the key themes of Building Design, Technology, Manufacturing and Construction.

Program Summary

The Monday speaker presentation and discussion forum sessions will focus on the process of design, manufacture and construction of timber buildings, with the key topics of Building Design, Technology, Manufacturing, and Construction.

Tuesday sessions will include case studies and panel discussions on building construction innovations and projects, advances in prefabricated manufacturing, and emerging digital technologies. Afternoon delegate tours will visit timber prefabrication plants, building construction sites, and inspirational timber building projects.

Following the Frame event a Timber Construction Tour to Sydney from Wednesday 20 to Friday 22 is an additional option for delegates, and bookings can be made by contacting Timber Development Association.

  Monday 18 June
Monday 18 June / 7.30am Delegate Registration
Monday 18 June / 8.30am

Building Design

Design and construction / affordable housing / hybrid structures / engineering design developments

Building Design
  • The design development and construction of an office building using CLT and Glulam to achieve the tallest and largest engineered timber office building by gross floor area in the world.
  • Residential developments aligned with local demographics can provide combinations of housing and mid-rise construction utilising panelised timber frame and mass wood building concepts for faster timeframes and lower costs.
  • Engineering design developments that will change the future for construction of timber buildings with new material combinations and structural concepts creating higher performance in building systems

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Monday 18 June / 10.10am Morning Break
Monday 18 June / 10.50am


Intelligent digitised construction / BIM and 3D design technologies / Industry 4.0 developments

  • Digital technologies and 3D imagery are changing the process of building design, manufacture and construction, and are driving innovation in data collection and management, collaboration between participants, and overall building efficiency.
  • Introduction of Construction 4.0 and Industry 4.0 promises to enhance collaboration for digital data management in building construction, timber prefabrication, and the supply chain utilising cloud platforms.
  • Augmented Reality is now expanding into applications in both manufacturing and construction, with huge potential for streamlining future project management as more applications are being developed.

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Monday 18 June / 12.30pm Lunch Break
Monday 18 June / 1.30pm


Utilising digital data in manufacturing / productivity improvements / automation and robotics

  • New developments in offsite manufacturing plant techniques and rising levels of automation, plus the emerging use of robotics in prefabrication to increase production efficiency.
  • Systems to ensure seamless information flow for CAD digital data into prefabrication plants to be used for CNC manufacturing, and reliable output data for following stages on-site.
  • National review of the massive expansion currently underway in Australian prefabrication plant manufacturing output to meet the growing demand for timber frame and engineered wood buildings.

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Monday 18 June / 3.10pm Afternoon Break
Monday 18 June / 3.50pm


Integrated design & project management / case studies of mid-rise buildings / panelised walls & cassette floors

  • Integrated project delivery ensures outcomes in the construction of engineered wood buildings and requires the engagement of timber prefabricators from start to finish in the design and build process.
  • Case studies and examples of construction systems for mid-rise residential buildings with reduced time and lower cost benefits from timber frame panelised walls and cassette floors.
  • Summary of current building projects around Australia in low, mid and high rise for residential and commercial buildings using timber and engineered wood construction systems.

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Monday 18 June / 5.30pm Delegate Hospitality and Networking
  Tuesday 19 June
Tuesday 19 June / 7.30am Delegate Registration
Tuesday 19 June / 8.30am

Panel Session

Manufacturing and Digital Data

Panel Session - Manufacturing and Digital Data
  • An outline of latest technology manufacturing equipment recently installed in Australian prefabrication plants, with videos of operation and practical demonstrations with examples of digital data use and benefits in manufacturing.
Tuesday 19 June / 9.00am

Panel Session

Timber Framed projects

Panel Session - Timber Framed projects
  • A selection of progressive building system developments and construction projects that represent a range of options now available, and future directions for mid-rise multi-residential construction.
Tuesday 19 June / 10.10am Morning Break
Tuesday 19 June / 10.50am

Panel Session

Engineered Wood projects

Panel Session - Engineered Wood projects
  • Case study of an innovative educational facility with complex roofline requiring high precision manufacture achieved by 3D modelling with data links to CNC machines.
  • Case study of Augmented Reality scanned digital data collection from existing building to assist the design process, leading to data development for timber prefabrication.
  • Case study of an affordable housing development using imaginative designs in timber to achieve cost-effectiveness and a high-quality environment for occupants.
Tuesday 19 June / 12.30pm Lunch Break
Tuesday 19 June / 1.15pm - 5.30pm

Delegate Tours

Delegate Tours

Delegate tours will include a selection of timber frame and engineered wood construction sites, including medium density residential developments and high-rise multi-residential and commercial buildings.

Also visits to highly automated timber frame prefabrication plants, and offsite construction manufacturing plants for engineered wood, plus recently completed major building projects that exemplify timber and wood in construction of large scale developments.

Note: Prior to the event all registered delegates will be advised by email of the tour program options available for selection.

  Wednesday 20 to Friday 22 June
Wednesday 20 to Friday 22 June

WoodSolutions Timber Tour

WoodSolutions Timber Tour

Following on from the Frame Australia conference a three-day tour of prominent timber buildings on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia is being held. The tour will commence in Melbourne and travel to Sydney, including a visit to the newly completed XLAM Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) plant in Wodonga.

Timber buildings visited will include buildings under construction and recently completed. The types of timber buildings visited will included CLT apartments, 6 storey timber framed apartment, educational, office and industrial. Also a recently built highly automated timber prefabrication plant will be visited.

The tour will travel predominantly by luxury coach and includes one domestic flight. Lunch will be provided on each day. Accommodation will be available as an add-on to tour’s costs.

Please email info@tdansw.asn.au to register your interest in the WoodSolutions tour. Further information and costs will be sent upon registration.

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