Nigel Burdon

Nigel Burdon

AECOM - Associate Director

Engineered timber office buildings: Ballarat GovHub

Panel Member

Nigel Burdon

Associate Director, AECOM

Nigel is an Engineer with more than 19 years’ experience delivering complex projects around the world in different industries, including alternative energy, transport and aviation.

Nigel’s timber experience includes complex geometry structures, specialist seismic design and timber engineering. His projects include the two-storey curved plywood structure for the Factory of the Future at Swinburne University, recipient of a National Timber Award, and the 5 GreenStar Melton Library.

Nigel led the award-winning design of the timber grid shell at Bunjil Place. He has a passion for developing holistic solutions that incorporate input from various disciplines, and enjoys working in a multidisciplinary environment.

Please welcome Nigel Burdon.


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