Nadine Samah

Nadine Samah

Level Architekture - Senior Principal Architect

Residence at Merrawarp Road, Ceres

Panel Member

Nadine Samah

Senior Principal Architect, Level Architekture

Nadine is a senior principal architect, lecturer, and sustainability advocate based in Melbourne. She established level architekture>konstrukt with her partner John 26 years ago to fulfil the need for a comprehensive interdisciplinary service, where design, construction and other disciplines intertwine. LEVEL as a palindrome alludes to a balance between architecture, construction and the environment.

Extensively published, Nadine is passionate about creating spaces and forms that seamlessly connect with the natural world while treading lightly on the environment. This is reflected in key features of the residence at Merrawarp Road in Ceres.

Please welcome Nadine Samah.


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