Toby Hodson

Toby Hodson

Arup Brisbane - Structural Engineer

Fire protection compliance in timber frame and
mass wood buildings

Workshop Member

Toby Hodsdon

Structural Engineer, Arup Brisbane

Toby has 15 years’ experience in the design, construction and maintenance of building structures, including timber structures in England, Wales, the United States, the Philippines, Malaysia and Australia.

Toby is an expert in the use of engineered timber products such as glue laminated timbers, and is a leader in the emergent use of cross-laminated timber in Queensland. He actively promotes the use of timber in industry and academia, with published research in the field.

An Adjunct Associate Professor at Griffith University, Toby also sits on the board of the University of Queensland’s Future Timber Hub, He is a member of a steering group committee for FWPA and EWPAA.

Please welcome Toby Hodsdon.


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