Dr Juan Hidalgo

Dr Juan Hidalgo

The University of Queensland - Lecturer in Timber and Fire Safety Engineering

Fire protection compliance in timber frame and
mass wood buildings

Workshop Member

Dr Juan Hidalgo

Lecturer in Timber and Fire Safety Engineering,
The University of Queensland

Juan joined The University of Queensland to lead fire safety research for tall-timber buildings in the Centre for Future Structures. Now, he is the lead Chief Investigator of Future Timber Hub, one of the largest Australian Research Council projects.

Juan graduated in 2015 with a PhD in Fire Safety Engineering from the University of Edinburgh, where he developed innovative research on the fire performance of insulation materials used in energy-efficient buildings. His research now focuses on fire safety in modern structures such as timber and tall buildings.

Juan is an expert contributor to various industry groups, including the Warren Centre project on Fire Safety Engineering.

Please welcome Juan Hidalgo.


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