David Jamieson

David Jamieson

Active Fasteners - Managing Director

Timber connectors for multi-storey timber
and mass wood construction

Workshop Member

David Jamieson

Managing Director, Active Fasteners

David’s family has been involved with fastening systems for three generations and David himself for nearly 50 years. He recalls the era of converting builders from hammer and nails to nail guns, and now he contributes to the global development of the latest automated fastening systems, such as automated screw stems.

Active Fasteners works closely with the BeA/KMR, a 110-year-old German public company that pioneered and developed the stapling, nailing and screw systems currently used in Europe.

David, through Active Fasteners and in collaboration with BeA/KMR, is involved in the development of the smarter, safer and more efficient fastening systems that the new building materials and methods require.

Please welcome David Jamieson.


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