SmartStruct is Principal Partner of Frame 2018

SmartStruct is Principal Partner of Frame 2018

March 27, 2018

Tilling Timber is Australia’s largest distributor of engineered wood products and SmartStruct, the innovative design team component of the business will be the Principal Partner for this year’s Frame Australia event ‘Timber Offsite Construction’.
Tilling’s national sales and marketing manager, Leon Quinn said “the SmartStruct design team, part of the SmartFrame Design Centre, has a focus on providing collaborative timber building solutions, generally in commercial or specialised pre-fabrication, and delivering engineered wood products into new applications. 
“Our National Design Team now has 45 designers that design engineered wood product solutions,” Mr Quinn said. The team are comprised of engineers, draftsmen, in-house trained designers, and includes former carpenters and tradesmen.
Tilling, with 240 employees, is a family business with a corporate scale. “We are fortunate to be able to cater for large businesses, but we’re still personal enough to deal with smaller independents,” Mr Quinn said. We also have the resources to research, develop and innovate to expand market opportunities.
Mr Quinn said engineered wood products continue to be the fastest growing segment in the timber industry. 
“An example is Tecbeam, which we produce under licence, a heavy-duty composite metal and timber beam that can support high loads rivalling steel and concrete designs in commercial and multi-residential construction.  
Complementing Tecbeam with Magnesium Oxide, Fibre Cement or lightweight autoclaved concrete (AAC) floor panels creates high performance floor systems, and for walls the inclusion of cladding combined with insulation provides a complete and economical building solution.
“If timber is going to have any meaningful impact in commercial mid-rise, non-residential, or government projects, it needs to dovetail effectively with other elements to make a comprehensive lightweight system.”
Mr Quinn said the construction industry was risk-averse, shown by the ripple effect into Australia of the London tower fire – and the cladding fire in the Melbourne Docklands building. 
“Today’s builders have to tick all the boxes. We need to give builders and developers confidence in providing a complete lightweight building solution for thermal, fire, acoustic, general vibration, and of course structural performance. 
Our structural systems need to be matched up with claddings, linings, flooring, membranes, fire systems etc. It’s the way we interact with other building elements – to be aligned and to be an ally”. 
Mr Quinn said an industry forum like Frame Australia. “Allows us to challenge existing methods and consider market segments we are not participating strongly in, and how we can improve our share of those markets.” 
“Frame Australia is not just timber people talking about timber - there is exchange within Frame on a lot of associated construction topics,” 
“We chose the Frame Australia 2018 ‘Timber Offsite Construction’ event as an ideal platform to communicate our new ideas to the building design and construction sectors, along with our partners in the timber supply chain” he concluded.
Frame 2018 titled ‘Timber Offsite Construction’ will be held on Monday and Tuesday 18-19 June at Park Hyatt Melbourne, and for details visit the website 


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