Digital technologies and disruption explained

Digital technologies and disruption explained

May 10, 2018

Digital technologies are transforming the way building construction projects are designed, delivered and operated. Ideas that were conceptual only a few years ago are fast becoming best practice across the world.
These technologies will be particularly important not only for timber construction, but for the broader building industry because it will affectively act as a means to allow collaboration between what is in real terms a highly fragmented industry.
Digital technologies are disrupting construction businesses en-masse, but also providing innovation, business improvement and competitive advantage.  
In the Technology session at Frame 2018, Perry Forsyth, Professor of Construction Management at University of Technology Sydney will present on “Understanding the map of digital technologies in construction” 
Perry’s presentation will provide a ‘map’ to make sense of it all including how these pieces fit together, what they do and what they potentially mean to timber construction.
For instance, BIM and Fabrication modelling are creating improved information flows from design to file to factory to site. An example is data exchange and automation being assisted by manufacturing concepts such as “Industry 4.0”. 
New developments such as industry 4.0 revolve around allowing different parts of the design, production and construction process to be brought together as one, and this will be a model that construction can aspire to in the future.
Perhaps the biggest area of development in timber construction is the central area between the architectural design process and how that joins up with component suppliers and fabricators, and how they then provide those things that they create to construction contractors.
The central area of interest here is what can be broadly referred to as ‘design for manufacture and assembly’, with greater onus on planning processes in advance to gain efficiency and productivity in overall terms.
This presentation is intended to unravel the technicalities within the topic and provide delegates with a vision of the digital future they can actually ‘visualise’.
Frame 2018 titled ‘Timber Offsite Construction’ will be held on Monday and Tuesday 18-19 June at Park Hyatt Melbourne, and for details visit the website 


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