Innovative 11 storey extension above existing building

Innovative 11 storey extension above existing building

May 28, 2018

Engineered timber will be pushed in an innovative direction with the new Adina Apartment Hotel on Melbourne’s Southbank, where an 11-storey building made mostly of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) will be built on top of an existing six-storey concrete office.
What’s more, tenants in the building below will stay in place working while the CLT building goes up. “That’s a challenge in itself,” said Tim Davey, national project manager, Hume Partners, which is behind the development.
The new Adina Hotel will be a key focus of a panel session on the second day of the Frame Australia ‘Timber Offsite Construction’ conference on June 19 at Park Hyatt Melbourne.
Hume owns the six-floor building, which was built in 1988 and is located on City Road, Southbank. It takes up the entire site, so Mr Davey said to demolish it and put up a new building would have created problems with regulations on setbacks, making demolition not viable.
“Four years ago, Tilling Timber introduced me to CLT, and we immediately saw the potential of the building system for the Southbank extension”.
At the time there were few hotels in the area, so Hume entered into a lease with Adina after tender for a hotel on the site – 220 rooms sitting on top of an existing concrete building. 
Additions will include a swimming pool, gym, three new lifts, a new ground floor and hotel entrance lobby, and associated services rooms. 
The builder is Atelier Projects, and Mr Davey spoke with a number of tier-2 builders, but they had very little interest in CLT. 
“In the end, Atelier were the only people who enthused me and wanted to be involved with CLT, and who had the experience to build the building for us. 
The CLT for Adina will come from KLH in Austria, with some 4500 cubic metres required. “The ships left at the end of August, and we have already started on site - three months in preparatory, demolition and site works,” he said.
“We will start construction of the CLT in early September for the hotel section. It will be completed and opened by August next year – an 11-month build.”
Two floors of concrete will sit on top of the six storeys, making up storeys seven and eight.  “The CLT needs a very level and well supported base. There will be nine storeys of CLT on top of that,” Mr Davey said. 
“It’s not an inexpensive project. You could do it a lot cheaper in concrete but you would only get four-and-a-half floors instead of the 10 to 12 we are putting on.”
During construction, tenants have moved out of level six to create an amenities space and an area of separation.
The lifts will have a steel frame from the basement to the 18th floor. Mr Davey said beginning a CLT shaft after the sixth floor could have created vibration issues. 
In a completely new building, the lifts could have been made totally of CLT.  The stairwells and stairs, however, will be made of CLT.
Mr Davey said the Adina hotel should be a catalyst for similar projects when developers saw it happening and working. “I would be disappointed if it didn’t. A lot more developers will take it up,” he said.
Frame 2018 titled ‘Timber Offsite Construction’ will be held on Monday and Tuesday 18-19 June at Park Hyatt Melbourne, and for details visit the website 


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