Engineered timber office building for Ballarat GovHub

Engineered timber office building for Ballarat GovHub

June 3, 2019

A highlight of the Project Panel Sessions at ‘Timber Offsite Construction’ next week is the Ballarat GovHub, a 15,000 square metre five-storey timber office building currently under construction by a Kane / Nicholson Joint venture, with timber erection commencing this month.  
AECOM was engaged by Development Victoria for all engineering disciplines, and the engineering discussion will focus on the journey undertaken in the design process, highlighting many of the key learnings and unique features of the building.
Having gone through a multi-disciplinary design process with a government client, AECOM investigated a wide variety of options and procurement solutions.  A variety of different structural schemes were developed during the design process, including a locally sourced LVL option. 
There were significant learnings around configuring the structural frame to facilitate mechanical service distribution across a large long thin floorplate, while at the same time minimising floor to floor heights.  This coordination was heavily facilitated by in-house 3D modelling.  
Localised elements of the building use a mix of structural materials for the reasons of buildability and programme risk which highlights potential benefits around not trying to be too purist in the design approach.
The project is currently commencing shop drawing phase with AECOM working closely with the Italy based specialist contactor XLAM DOLOMITI to optimise the glulam timber frame to their fabrication preferences.  
At the time of the Frame Australia Conference they will also have gone through fire testing and 3D modelling coordination between the specialist contractor and the wider consultant team.
The expert panel to discuss the project will include:
   Client - Neil Anderson, Group Head | Property, Development Victoria
   Architect - Luke Jarvis, Senior Associate, John Wardle Architects
   Engineer - Nigel Burdon, Engineer, AECOM 
   CLT design/supply - Adriano Francescotti, Technical Director, XLAM DOLOMITI, Italy
   Building Contractor - Jack Alam, Design Manager, Kane Constructions  


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