Designers predict more timber buildings

Designers predict more timber buildings

January 22, 2015

The complete supply chain for timber and wood products, prefabrication and building materials has a major opportunity from the emerging new market of buildings designed in timber and engineered wood construction.

According to Rod Pindar, a principal at Fitzpatrick + Partners, the Australian building design industry will move towards timber construction in coming years.

He stated in an interview for Architecture & Design “We’d like to see buildings get built in timber, we’d like to see multi-storey commercial buildings built in particular”.

“The more that people start to understand the possibilities (of timber) and the more the detailing and knowledge of how to price it, how it works on site, it’s only going to be used more and more”.

The Frame 2015 conference and exhibition in Melbourne will discuss the reasons for greater use of timber in design of residential and commercial buildings, which is now moving forward in Australia.

Conference Director Kevin Ezard said “the 2015 conference theme will be ‘Building with engineered wood construction systems’ to meet the increasing interest from designers and builders.

“There has been a global trend to greater use of timber in construction, and Australia is now underway with timber buildings up to 5 and 7 storeys planned for completion in the next few years.

“Commercial builders considering timber and wood for multi-residential construction are finding these systems can be a lower cost option by up to 25% compared to traditional steel and concrete.

Kevin added “Delegates attending Frame Australia will learn from case studies and analysis of these building systems, and also visit exhibition displays for new building products and information on the latest developments and new technologies.

“Companies in the supply chain to building markets are invited to visit the Frame Australia website for details of the opportunities to participate in this unique event,” he concluded.

For more information on Frame Australia 2015 visit the website


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