Design of 5 storey timber frame apartments

Design of 5 storey timber frame apartments

May 5, 2015

The first 5 storey timber frame apartment building and tallest in Australia “The Green” by Australand Property Group in Parkville Victoria is a new hybrid construction methodology, invented to create an efficient structure while improving on an age-old sector of the industry.

The hybrid construction methodology incorporates domestic labour force and supply chains to produce multi-residential timber frame buildings at a commercial level, resulting in a cost saving of nearly 25% per apartment over conventional concrete.

This project and others will be discussed with the nation’s leading experts in timber and engineered wood construction at the Frame Australia conference ‘Building with engineered wood construction systems’ on Monday 1 June at Park Hyatt Melbourne.   Conference session ‘Building codes and engineering design’ will include a number of prominent engineers including Mark Paterson of Irwinconsult, designers of the Australand project.

Mark commented “An efficient structural design was achieved by stacking apartments to create an efficient grid system for the transfer of loads through the building.

“As the current Building Codes and Australian Standards did not cover more than 3 levels of timber buildings, all the walls up to level 3 had to be engineered. A centralised lift and stair core provided a strong stability system with a transfer podium slab at ground floor to assist with the load transfer to the carpark below.

“The rest of the structure above the podium was built using prefab timber systems for the walls, floors and roof trusses, with prefab timber floor cassettes made with timber floor joists in panels sandwiched between engineered floor sheeting.

“The floor cassettes were detailed similar to a precast panel and “dropped” in by cranes, creating a layered construction with the prefabricated walling systems installation occurring concurrently as the levels were being completed” he concluded.

Principal Supporter of the event is FWPA’s WoodSolutions Program, a major resource for designers and builders in providing access to information on timber products and technical data to assist in specification.   Eileen Newbury of FWPA explained “The conference program will assist designers attain the benefits available from building with timber and wood in residential and commercial developments”


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