Truss and frame manufacturing technologies

Truss and frame manufacturing technologies

March 31, 2016


Timber truss and frame prefabrication technology is rapidly advancing with continuous digital data chains from designer to fabricator, and 3D models enabling lower cost production with greater accuracy and higher product quality. Read more

At Frame 2016, international expert Laurent Decosterd, President of Cadwork Canada will discuss how digital fabrication software can share information to create a 3D model for numerically controlled manufacturing equipment, which presents new opportunities in the digital design and production of timber buildings.

Exceptional innovations in new technology, equipment and production systems for pre-cutting components and panels for lightweight timber construction being introduced into Australia will be presented by Charlie Hutchings of Principal Sponsor Hundegger Australasia, as well as systems for processing CLT and engineered wood products.

Plant productivity improvements from automated production will be explained by Ola Svensson, Managing Director of Randek Sweden, with higher output levels combined with consistent quality and the opportunity to produce complex components without highly skilled workers.

And visiting again will be Hansbert Ott, Managing Director of HOMAG/Weinmann Germany to present on the latest developments in timber construction and prefabrication systems, with manufacturing equipment to achieve efficient prefabrication systems for commercial and multi-storey buildings.

Conference director Kevin Ezard said “Global suppliers have encouraged progress in technology within Australian timber truss and frame prefabrication plants, which has created a very competitive and efficient industry to enable the supply of new systems for timber buildings.   “The Frame event plays a pivotal role in bringing together the complete supply chain of timber and prefabrication with building design and construction to develop communication and relationships for future business opportunities” he concluded.


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