New building systems at Frame

New building systems at Frame

April 22, 2016

Prefabrication of timber frames for residential construction is changing with the rise of closed panel frames and mass timber systems for low-rise and mid-rise developments, now emerging as the future for timber building systems.

Faster construction times, lower costs, higher quality, improved workplace safety and productivity are just some of the benefits from moving to production of completed panels off-site to dramatically reduce on-site activities.

Developers and builders are turning to these prefab construction methods to significantly reduce work times amidst a labour shortage in the building sector, which is encouraging development of highly automated prefabrication plants to meet rising demand.

This new trend in construction will attract an all-time high number of delegates to the Frame Australia Conference and Exhibition being held on Monday 23 May at Park Hyatt Melbourne

The conference theme “Building construction with prefabricated timber and engineered wood” speaker sessions will cover timber building systems in housing and multi-residential construction, with presentations by architects, engineers, developers and builders, along with speakers on engineered timber and prefabrication.

Presentations will include cost comparisons for timber framed apartment buildings compared to a traditional concrete frame structure, and analysis of the construction costs differences and savings.

Among the new prefabrication plants to be discussed will be CSR Velocity’s production-line manufactured housing with fully closed floor, wall and roof systems, with internal walls and windows, doors and external cladding, plumbing and electrical systems ready for connection on site.

International speakers will provide an update on global trends in timber building construction, including how architectural data can be used to share digital information in a 3D model ready for pre-fabrication by CNC equipment with seamless digital data.


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