International trends in timber construction

International trends in timber construction

April 26, 2016

An expert group of international speakers from Europe, UK, Canada and USA along with local architects, engineers and builders will present at the conference “Building construction with prefabricated timber and engineered wood” on May 23 at Park Hyatt Melbourne.

The conference will focus on rapidly emerging interest in the latest timber building systems for housing and multi-residential construction, which has become a global trend and assisted in Australia by changes to the National Construction Code allowing residential timber buildings up to 25 metres from May 1.

Now in its 18th year, the Frame Australia 2016 Conference and Exhibition is anticipating record delegate attendance due to the high level of construction currently underway with low-rise and mid-rise developments built in timber framing and/or Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) up to 8 storeys.  Sessions will cover timber building systems in housing and multi-residential construction, with presentations by architects, engineers, developers and builders, along with speakers on engineered timber and prefabrication.

A group of world leaders representing the major global names in manufacturing equipment and software will present the latest technology in digital data and automation in timber prefabrication, including robotics for assembling components and systems for production-line housing and apartment buildings.

Some national property developers and builders have already encouraged the introduction of new manufacturing plants for timber prefabrication to supply panelised wall and floor systems, utilising high levels of automation to ensure output levels are achieved.

Conference presentations include cost comparisons for timber framed apartment buildings compared to a traditional concrete frame structure, and analysis of the construction costs differences and savings.

Speakers will also outline the benefits from off-site construction which include reduced on-site activities to achieve faster construction times, lower costs, better quality, improved workplace safety, and higher productivity.


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