Global equipment giants at Frame

Global equipment giants at Frame

April 26, 2016

The world’s top companies in manufacturing equipment for prefabrication of timber frames and trusses will present the latest global developments in technology and automation for production of closed panel floors, walls and roofs at the Frame Australia 2016 conference.

Global brands include Hundegger, HOMAG/Weinmann, Randek, Uniteam, Modular Building Automation, and will have company leaders speaking in the sessions, along with exhibition displays at the event.

In Europe, prefab and modular systems of construction are a well-developed market, with production-line manufactured housing ranging from 25% to over 50% of residential construction in many countries.

Whilst local builders previously considered these methods too expensive, financial outcomes of residential developments are now heavily influenced by length of time for construction, and reductions can deliver large savings in direct and indirect costs.

Recent project cost analysis by builder/developers confirm reduced time on site offsets the increased cost of production-line prefabrication, and provides savings up to 25% on a large development.

This scenario has created strong interest to follow the European trend and introduce greater levels of prefabrication in construction, utilising manufacturing equipment readily available as the solution to commencing this next stage of development in prefabricated timber building systems.

The topic will be a major focus at the Frame Australia 2016 Conference and Exhibition being held on Monday 23 May at Park Hyatt Melbourne, with the theme “Building construction with prefabricated timber and engineered wood”.

Charlie Hutchings of Principal Sponsor Hundegger Australasia, a high-tech global machinery manufacturer, said “the prefabrication industry is presently moving ahead with software and digital technologies driving the timber building design and manufacturing process.


“We are currently providing numerous innovative solutions for automated processing of open and closed panel prefabrication as well as Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) in Australasia”.
Now in its 18th year, Frame Australia speaker sessions will cover timber building systems in housing and multi-residential construction, with presentations by architects, engineers, developers and builders, along with speakers on engineered timber and prefabrication.


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