Housing construction time cut by 10 weeks

Housing construction time cut by 10 weeks

May 9, 2016

Property developer Mirvac has partnered with building materials giant CSR to prototype a new construction methodology through engineered prefabricated wall and floor systems with amazing results in reducing time, leading to an entire 300 home development in Sydney now being built with this concept.

Builders are turning to prefab construction methods to significantly reduce work times amidst a labour shortage in the building sector, which is encouraging development of highly automated prefabrication plants to meet rising demand.

At the Frame Australia 2016 conference this month, Ray Thompson, General Manager of Innovation & Market Development at CSR Building Products will present on CSR Velocity’s production-line manufactured housing with fully closed floor and wall systems.

Ray commented “clearly this is a growing trend and a hot topic for the industry with new systems of construction developed that change the game - as frame & truss manufacturing did some 20-30 years ago.

“The production line installed by Homag Australia utilised world renowned Weinmann equipment and is designed to create fully clad and insulated walls with windows, doors and external cladding, plumbing and electrical systems needed to be built-in for speed of construction, and has a capacity to supply more than 600 homes per year.

“Developments in digital design technology have greatly enhanced the attractiveness of prefabrication due to the lower cost of integration into existing architectural designs and the panelisation software talking directly to the CNC machinery.

“Shipped to site and then craned into place can lower the time taken to construct a house by up to 10 weeks, with a higher quality finish and benefits of reduced site waste, improved site safety and less weather risks, as well as increasing sustainability options and building performance” he stated.


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