Cost outcomes - timber systems vs concrete

Cost outcomes - timber systems vs concrete

May 16, 2016

The facts are now beyond doubt. Timber doesn’t just compete with traditional concrete in mid-rise construction - it wins!

“Timber should be a default option in every feasibility study” said Richard Smith of MBM international construction cost consultants.

The outcome of a detailed analysis for cost comparisons in an 8 storey lightweight timber framed apartment building compared to a traditional concrete frame structure confirmed this result.

Richard added “The unarguable fact that timber can compete with traditional construction in terms of cost and time is literally just the beginning, and offers an opportunity to change our construction landscape”.

The report on these findings will be outlined in a presentation at Frame Australia 2016, with analysis of the construction costs differences and savings, including the changes to the design approach and thinking of tall lightweight timber framed buildings compared to traditional low-rise timber frame dwellings.


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