Digital technologies lead prefabrication

Digital technologies lead prefabrication

March 2, 2017

With a lot of discussion in the building industry about new technologies and the potential of building information modelling, a true believer in digital fabrication will be a key speaker at this year’s Frame Australia conference.
Stefan Schneider is the founder and owner of CutMyTimber, a Canadian company based in Vancouver that is a global leader in data systems.
Mr Schneider believes there is a better way to build, and he will talk at the conference on how his company achieves that through adopting leading-edge technologies and constant innovation.
The company uses 3D fabrication information models and CNC machines. CNC (Computer Numeric Control) is the automation of machine tools that are operated by precise, computer-programmed commands.
“This results in efficiencies that cannot be realised using conventional methods and allows us to complete projects of greater complexity,” Mr Schneider says.
The 2017 Frame Australia conference, now known as “Timber Offsite Construction’, will be held in Melbourne on June 19 and 20. 
It will be a two-day event with an expanded program comprised of Monday speaker sessions and Tuesday workshops followed by delegate tours.
Mr Schneider will outline his company’s use of 3D laser field measurements and projections. According to Mr Schneider, modern 3D building lasers are the most efficient way of precise measuring in multiple directions and have become a lot more affordable and powerful.
“3D laser technology is the bridge between our virtual building models and the real world,” he says.
His company uses 3D building lasers in two ways. First, they allow the company to measure points in the real world and transfer them directly into the 3D CAD system.
“This is the fastest and most accurate way to get information from existing buildings or sites into our virtual building model,” he says, making them ideal for restoration, re-modelling or cloning existing buildings.
Secondly, the 3D lasers also work as an output device. “This allows us to project points from our 3D CAD system into the real world. This comes in handy for layouts, hardware positioning on beams, panel location, or positioning of building components,” he says.
Delegate registration for the conference is now available on-line at the Frame Australia website. Early bird registration fees receive a $150 discount.
Registration gives delegated access to all activities: Monday speaker sessions including discussion forums; Monday delegate hospitality and networking event; Tuesday morning workshop sessions; and Tuesday afternoon delegate tour.
The conference also includes the exhibition display, which makes available the most up-to-date information on international trends and emerging technologies.


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