Global expert speakers attending

Global expert speakers attending

March 1, 2017

The Frame 2017 event titled ‘Timber Offsite Construction’ will focus on design, manufacture and construction of prefabricated timber buildings from initial concept stage to the completed project, providing a broad pathway to understand the process benefits and the achievement of faster build times with lower construction costs.
Global and local expert speakers will explain architectural design concepts, engineering design, codes and compliance, construction system options, and examples of low, mid and high rise projects currently under construction in Australia and around the world.
In addition, the focus on greater sustainability and the environmental benefits of wood in carbon storage will feature in many building design options presented. 
Supply chain involvement will be a fundamental component of the program, featuring new state-of-the-art prefabrication plants now operating in Australia, digital data technologies, manufacturing systems, and integrated project delivery concepts to ensure successful project outcomes.
Conference director Kevin Ezard said “this unique event performs a pivotal role in information sharing, with attendees including architects, engineers, building professionals, property developers and builders; along with suppliers of timber and engineered wood, software, manufacturing equipment, pre-fabricated systems, and building materials.
“Our objective is to inspire exchange between delegates and suppliers to create opportunities for Offsite timber systems in building, to provide benefits in construction, and to achieve more sustainable outcomes”


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