Floor cassettes are the way forward

Floor cassettes are the way forward

May 16, 2017

The use of prefabricated cassettes supplied by Timbertruss has resulted in Figurehead Constructions being able to build a landmark four-storey apartment block at Williams Landing in Melbourne faster and more safely.
It was the sheer volume and size of the apartment job – “we’re talking 1500 square metres for both floors” – that drove the builder’s decision to go with the cassettes, said Steven Harvey, floor cassette manager at Bowens/Timbertruss.
Using the cassette system, the floors were installed in two-and-a-half days. “This would have taken two to three weeks on a normal build,” Mr Harvey said. The same achievement was repeated again for the same floor size above, giving an overall time saving of one month.
Mr Harvey, an industry veteran, will be a panel member in the Construction Workshop at the Frame Australia conference in Melbourne in June.
Figurehead Constructions is a big advocate for prefabricated cassettes, and its New business and design manager, Andrew Pettenon, is a speaker in the conference Construction session.
Mr Harvey said cassettes manufactured in the factory incorporate all the floor elements you would normally do on site, plus those specified by the engineer including char beams for fire rating purposes to sit on the party walls.
Crucial to the successful outcome is thorough dialogue with the client and carpenters on site. “Preparation work with carpenters was an essential ingredient to make sure the cassettes work well.”
“We made clear what we were going to do in the factory regarding the beams/char beams and how they needed to be installed, so both parties were on the one page” Mr Harvey said. 
“It was a tight delivery program with some 7 to 8 minutes per cassette lift, and we were able to plan a schedule for each day to know exactly what was required” Mr Harvey said.
“You can’t go past it – using the pre-made cassettes speeds everything up and slashes significant time out of the construction schedule, which is a bonus when considering the ever-increasing site costs within the building industry.”
Frame 2017 titled ‘Timber Offsite Construction’ will be held on Monday and Tuesday 19-20 June 2017 at Park Hyatt Melbourne, and for event details visit the website www.frameaustralia.com 


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