Workshop Sessions

Workshops will create open discussion on important topics to be considered in Offsite building projects, with two sessions of topics held concurrently in break-out rooms.

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Workshop Sessions

Workshops will cover a range of selected topics and encourage open discussion on important considerations for Offsite building construction, in two sessions with topics held concurrently in break-out rooms.

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W1 – Cost Engineering guide for timber construction systems
Building project costing examples contained in a new Cost Plan Guide prepared for WoodSolutions, with information relevant to builders for preparing project estimates.
Leader – Laurence Ritchie, Cost and Program Estimator, Mid-Rise Advisory Program, WoodSolutions
Paolo Lavisci, Program Development Manager Mid-rise Construction, WoodSolutions
Kase Jong, Regional Operations Manager, Construction, Mirvac MPC
David Graham, Built Environment Compliance

W2 – Fire Protection Compliance in timber and mass wood buildings
Primary considerations and typical design solutions, with access to support information and documentation. Fire safety trends and technologies such as non-combustible cladding and new adhesives for wood laminates
Leader - Robert Dixon, Senior Fire Engineer, Arup Melbourne
Geoff Croker, Principal, FJMT
Toby Hodsdon, Structural Engineer, Arup Brisbane
Juan Hidalgo, Lecturer- Timber & Fire Safety Engineering, University of Queensland
Andrew Dunn, Chief Executive Officer, Timber Development Association

W3 – Panelisation is the next leap forward in housing construction
Panelised construction is gaining acceptance with recent developments in manufacture of panel systems for housing to dramatically reduce time and skilled labour requirements.
Leader – Sean Morley, Chief Executive Officer, Impresa House
Ryan Slater, Technical Sales Consultant, Homag/Weinmann
Burkhard Hansen, Director, CARBONlite
Ryan Baxter, Operations Manager, CSR Velocity
Alastair Woodard, Victorian Project Manager, WoodSolutions

W4 – Software solutions for DFMA in offsite construction
Creation of 3D manufacturing models from architectural design, with full quantity take offs to communicate with CNC machines and deliver integrated production outcomes.
Leader - Frank Davern, Technical Sales Manager, hsbcad Australasia
Christian Schmalholz, International Business Development, SEMA Software Germany
Crispin Egli, Sales/Training/Support, Cadwork Australasia
Jarrod Kerrins, Project Manager, Timberbuilt Solutions

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W5 – Manufacturing technologies to improve productivity
Trends and progress in manufacturing equipment and technologies for prefabricated timber and mass wood processing, covering a wide range of manufacturing requirements.
Leader - Charlie Hutchings, Managing Director, Hundegger Australasia
Bevan Lines, Director, Spida Machinery
Martin Smith, JJ Smith / Modular Building Automation, UK

W6 – Timber and mass wood construction system comparisons
Analysis of timber and mass wood offsite construction options incorporating the advantages of each system for structural capacity and cost using different material combinations
Leader - Craig Kay, National Product Engineer, SmartStruct/Tilling Timber
Adrian Woodcock, Director of Sales Kerto LVL Asia, Metsa Wood
Matthew Smith General Manager Engineering, Multinail
John Fitzgibbon, Director, Cross Laminated Offsite Systems

W7 – Regulatory Code changes – interpretation, concessions and compliance
Building code and regulation updates in classifications and testing requirements for building materials, particularly for fire ratings. New TimberTech structural engineering software about to be released will speed-up design and take-offs in full compliance with the updated NCC.
Leader - Adam Jones, WoodSolutions
Boris Iskra, National Manager – Codes & Standards, Forest & Wood Products Australia
Andrew Dunn, Chief Executive Officer, Timber Development Association

W8 – Timber connectors for multi-storey timber and mass wood buildings
Fastening systems, connectors, tie downs, nails and screws all perform critical functions in timber and mass wood buildings, with design challenges overcome by an expanding range of specialised products.
Leader Dean Ashton, National Field Engineer, Simpson Strong-Tie
Milos Slavic, General Manager Australasia & Southeast Asia, Rotho Blaas Australia
David Jamieson, Managing Director, Active Fasteners/BeA TBC
Terry Parsons, Chief Executive Officer, Braford Industries (LignoLoc)

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